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Sleep Training Packages

Just by clicking the tab shows you want to achieve better sleep for your family. Now, let's get you there.

Every family I work with has different support needs. Our relationship is key to your success.


Having me there to offer as much support as you need, to answer any question,

to tweak your plan (if needed), will get you to where you want to be faster than going alone.


I pride myself on offering tailored bespoke support packages that suit each individual family unit.


  • Sleep Assessment Call - FREE

    I do a deep dive to find out exactly what is stopping you from achieving sleep results.
    Free Plan
    • The average investment for support is £495
  • Most Popular

    Ask Me Anything Call

    Do you have a burning question or query that needs answering?
    • Fed up with Google and all the conflicting answers?
    • Don't need 1-2-1 support, but would like my help?
    • Ask me anything e.g. How much sleep should a 15 month have?
    • or Why is my little one waking at 5am everyday?
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