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Reviews of My Sleep Training in London: 

Happy, Rested Families Say...

Martina Furey

“If you need a sleep nanny then look no further! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Rachael Dover

Nicky has given my ad hoc non judgemental advice for a few months now. She is always there for me, listens to my concerns and offers support and consistent advice. I am grateful for Nicky

Adam Ftizgerald

“Nicky provided a wonderful service in regard to supporting sleep training. She was knowledgeable and responsive when there were challenges and guided us through times when we would have possibly given up. i wholely admit I was skeptical when initially booking however would completely recommend now finishing the process.”

Susan Iain

Nicky Sleep Nanny is brilliant! She is very responsive and really knows her stuff about sleep. She listened carefully to what was happening at night but also to what we and our child might struggle with when making a change. I’m a psychologist and know a lot about sleep but it was so helpful to have her guiding me through some changes (which were spot on!) and encouraging me when I might otherwise have given up!”

Meadhbh McDermott

The advise Nicky gave us to help with our 1 year old son has been amazing! We stuck to her plan and noticed it working as per the time scale she said. We used to dread bedtime due to the tears every night but since getting help from Nicky, we don't anymore. We now enjoy the bedtime routine. Thanks again Nicky 😁
“Nicky was very professional, friendly and genuine- she actually truly cares about her clients.
She had a natural way of understanding our 1 year old better than we did!
My advice is don't think twice just book a call and take it from there. That's what we did and we made all the changes we wanted and needed in the first night, saw a dramatic change in him in the second night and was a pro sleeper in 5 days. Within 10 days he was super independent. He even went through a bout of sickness and was actually happy to be in his own cot. What an unbelievable transformation. Wished we had found her sooner. So happy to part of the club! Thank you Nicky.”
“Do not think twice about contacting Nicky!! She really is a professional in what she does!
We have been struggling with our 14m daughter’s sleep when it got to the point I couldn’t handle it anymore. I honestly didn’t have high hopes as though it will be impossible to make my still breastfed baby (that would be up million times a night) sleep all night. But with Nicky’s guidance we have achieved this, in a very gentle and respectful way, within just 2 weeks!!! And omg, it feels amazing!! The only thing I regret is that we haven’t done this much earlier!! Nicky really knows her thing, we can’t recommend her enough! Thank you again ❤️”
Nicky’s help has been invaluable to us, we’d lost hope that our 17 month old would go to bed on his own and be able to settle himself, but Nicky’s method worked like magic and she was there to guide and reassure us every step of the way. We’re now exactly where we want to be and have a much happier and well rested little boy. We’re so grateful and would highly recommend Nicky to any parents in need of a good nights sleep.
“Working with Nicky was an absolute game changer for us. We were limping through our co-sleeping days with awful chronic sleep deprivation and an exhausted toddler, with no idea how to move on to independent sleeping. Despite the intense heatwave and other circumstantial obstacles, Nicky gently, confidently and expertly coached us and our daughter to the point where Sofie can now comfortably and confidently sleep through the night alone and we can get some hugely needed sleep ourselves. Nicky’s support has been absolutely invaluable to us, we are tremendously grateful that we found her and had the good sense to ask for her help. It has hands down been the best parental decision we have made all year.”
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